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Stunning Wooden Staircases & Steps Beautifully Installed by Wooden Flooring Experts

As well as having a beautiful wooden floor, we know how important it is to have a staircase and steps that match. Wooden staircases are an extremely popular and stylish option at this moment in time. With more and more people choosing wooden flooring for the main rooms in their home, these same people often look to extend this interior styling to their staircases.

If you’re building a brand new home from scratch, you may well have opted for a solid wooden staircase to be installed and have allowed for this in the design and planning. That said, if you live in an older property, your only option, if you want a solid wooden staircase may well be to clad your current staircase.
Cladding is the process whereby an existing structure is covered with a new material to create a whole new look without changing the original form or construction.

If you are considering new staircase to complement your wooden floor, at The Wood on the Floor we offer expert assistance and guaranteed results. We cover all locations in Surrey, South West London and West Sussex.

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