The Saga of the Water Main Cover

Somebody else installed this floor, very irresponsibly, over the water main cover in a new extension, preventing access to it. Few years later the pipes got blocked. Luckily the owner kept the original plans of the extension and we were able to detect exactly where the water main cover was. After that we swam in our own waters – we made a cut, removed some floor boards, installed new ones and made a picture framed hatch. A little bit of sanding and sealing and Voila – all done. We love every challenge! Nothing is impossible! Here are some pictures of that adventure.

“We were very pleased with the level of workmanship to design and build a hatch to cover an access point in the floor, the finish was superb. Nass and Danny were very helpful in fitting us in with virtually no notice. They were very polite, well mannered and a pleasure to have in house, I would recommend them.”

Sally Porter