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Classic Herringbone Flooring, seamlessly installed by Wooden Flooring Experts

The timeless, classic beauty of a herringbone floor reflects the very best of traditional flooring techniques. Parquet block floors (classic square edged or distressed blocks) can be laid in a variety of aesthetically pleasing patterns that will complement their surroundings.

Parquet flooring is ideally situated for use in schools, gymnasiums, restaurants and dance floors as well as domestic situations. It is also suitable for use in areas that will be subject to wheeled traffic.

Herringbone blocks are machined to exact standards providing tightly interlocking joints on all edges. Each block is locked to the surrounding blocks to give maximum strength and stability to the floor. Each parquet block in individually glued to the sub floor in the desired pattern.

Parquet blocks are machined to provide a thick wear layer (approximately 10mm) above the tongue and groove. This enables the parquet block floor to be rejuvenated many times; the floor will probably outlast the building.

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